Future People Planning and Succession

The beginning is the most important part of the work.
Plato, Philosopher

Organizations must talk regularly about their talent with the same rigor, commitment, and discipline as any other critical business process.  Growth companies allocate talent like capital – best talent to the biggest opportunities.  They continually assess talent against common criteria and manage talent across the enterprise.  No one department or function owns the talent – the organization as a whole manages the talent.  The people resources are in place to meet current and future requirements.

BLS has proven approaches that enable leaders to create organizations stronger than when they inherited them.  We focus organization efforts on five primary areas:

  1. To know and assess talent within the business or function against future-oriented skills/capabilities
  2. To plan for the continuous development of people and capabilities within the business or function
  3. To determine the interventions necessary to ensure the skills and capabilities needed for future growth are planned for and available when required
  4. To anticipate the future people, skill, and capability needs and build plans for achieving them
  5. To contribute a pool of talent for critical positions or priorities

Our Services

  • Business Forums to create talent management discipline
  • Tools to identify organization strengths and gaps that represent enablers and barriers to business strategy execution
  • Tools to calibrate performance and potential of talent within a business or function
  • Coaching on how to effectively manage non-performing employees
  • Succession Planning tools and templates
  • Project Management support to ensure execution of talent management strategies and actions

Our Impact

  • Future skill and capability needs are met
  • Succession plans for critical positions
  • Increased leadership effectiveness
  • Effective execution of key business initiatives
  • Increased key employee engagement and retention

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