Company Overview

Built to Last Solutions is a human capital consulting firm that partners with businesses to create high performing cultures that optimize employee contributions and maximize organization results. Simply put, we design and execute sound people management practices that create inspiring employee experiences that enable winning cultures, winning strategies, and winning capabilities, and enable Workforce Excellence.

Mission & Vision

Enable workforce excellence. Become leaders in transforming the hearts, minds, and spirits of employees.

Fundamental Business Principle

People make strategy happen.

Values Drive Our Behaviors & Decisions

Integrity: you are only as good as your word
Curiosity: an inquisitive spirit makes for a life long learner
Quality: get better everyday
Passionate Collaboration: the intellectual debate fuels excellence
Execution: take pride in seeing it through
Simplicity: appreciate the fundamentals
Uplift: make the world a better place

The Built To Last Way

Highly successful people and organization initiatives have several common elements. We work with your organization to ensure these success factors are realized and the desired results are achieved:

  • Compelling and gripping business case for change
  • Executive understanding, ownership, and sponsorship
  • Broad stakeholder commitment to initiative success
  • Project teams with the expertise and passion to enable excellence
  • HR strategic priorities identified, justified, and linked to business imperatives
  • Methods and tools must be practical and simple to implement
  • Rapid design capability to ensure speed to execution
  • Measures and routines in place to ensure sustainability

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